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The apricot tree produces a very sweet fruit that looks similar to a small peach, except that the skin is smooth and velvety (small hairs).  The apricot fruit is exceptionally sweet and is saturated with firm fructose, sugar crystals that makes the oval shaped fruit ideal for drying to eat and enjoy later during the winter non-productive season.  The apricot trees are self pollinated, but most botanists recommend that two different cultivars be planted for the best harvesting outcome.  Apricots trees are heavy bearing in zones of 5 to8, but in the Northern zones, the apricot trees sometimes flower too early and a heavy frost or freeze might reduce or eliminate the crop development.  Apricot trees are self fertile and require no companion tree for cross pollination.

  • Moorpark Apricot Trees
    The Moorpark apricot tree is a very cold hardy apricot cultivar that grows very sweetly flavored apricot fruits that ripen on the trees in July. The Moorpark apricots skin is smooth, and the flesh is enriched in sugars with an agreeable fruity fragrance.
  • Early Golden Apricot Tree
    The Early Golden apricot trees can be grown even in Southern States, and the apricots ripen on the tree in late June and July. The aroma is zesty, and the tantalizing flavor is sharp, sweet and delightful.
  • Blenheim Apricot Trees
    The Blenheim apricot tree is a late ripening apricot with a pleasurable blend of, honey-sweet and sharp hint of sourness that is unusual for apricots.
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