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If you are looking for a tropical looking fast growing plant to fence-in your property with a privacy block, then bamboo plants can give you that look.  Different cultivars of bamboo grow in colored canes of yellow, blue, black and green in varying heights, and bamboo plants are cold hardy to below zero temperatures.  Let Best Price Plants experts recommend the best bamboo plant to establish on your property.

The Bamboo Plant is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, sometimes growing 3 feet during a 24 hour period of time. Some bamboos are dwarf plants, but the bamboo tree can grow 50 feet tall. A remarkable fact about the bamboo plant is that most of the growth takes place during a 3 month surge period, but then, most of the total growth will be finished during the first one year period of growth. After the one year period, the bamboo woody fibers will continue to harden off for two more additional years. Some bamboo plants grow in tropical climates, but others are very cold hardy and can grow in zones 5-11 where winter temperatures may drop to minus 20 degrees F., however, leaves and the above ground culms may not survive, but the underground rhizomes will, nevertheless, re-sprout during the spring. There are many materialistic uses for bamboo products, such as furniture, flooring and ornamental walls. As a garden plant, the bamboo plant is perhaps best and more often used as a fast growing plant to form a privacy barrier or a privacy blocking screen. Dense bamboo plant stalks will form a dense impenetrable fence, even for squirrels and especially for neighborhood dogs. The leaves of the bamboo plants will block road noises and quickly absorb automobile exhaust fumes to refresh the air. Bamboo can grow in practically any type of soil profile and climate. Bamboo plants tend to grow into a form of ΓÇ£Clumping BambooΓÇ¥ or spreading type of ΓÇ£Running BambooΓÇ¥ There are many colors of bamboo canes, such as: Black bamboo, Blue Henon bamboo, Golden Goddess Bamboo, Green Moso bamboo and striped white & gold Alphonse Karr bamboo plants. You can order your bamboo plant and bamboo tree from: Aaron's bamboo plant nursery at any time of the year for fast delivery to your farm or home address, and these plants are guaranteed to live.

Do you have neighbors you would love to not have to look at on a daily basis? Have you considered planting a privacy screen? Bamboo Plants from Aaron's Farm would make a perfect privacy screen. Not only does bamboo block out sight, but it also blocks out those loud sounds that interfere with day to day life as well. From USDA Zones 4-11 we will have just the Bamboo Plant for you. Call us to place an order for your very own bamboo today!

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