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Bananas are the most important and a favorite fruit of the United States, even though practically all banana fruit is imported from tropical areas.  Most gardeners are surprised to know that even though tropical in nature, the banana tree can be grown to the fruiting stage successfully in much of the Southern U.S.,   surviving temperatures as low as zero degrees F.  The flavor of home grown and tree ripened bananas will far surpass that of grocery store offerings, even though they are smaller but the fruit is loaded with a sweet flavor and a delicious taste.  Best Price Plants can deliver bearing size banana trees to your home, and if you give us a call, our experts will be happy to recommend the best banana tree cultivar to plant in your garden.

  • Jamaican Red Banana Trees
    The Jamaican Red Banana tree is considered to be a dwarf banana plant that grows to 8 feet tall. The leaves are very wide and 6 feet long with a bright-red mid-stripe underneath the leaf. This very rare, exotic banana tree looks tropical and grows red, sweet bananas in large clusters.
  • Texas Star Banana Trees
    The Texas Star banana trees have survived minus 16 degrees below zero F. in Texas winter temperatures. The trees grow up to 8 feet tall with delicious banana clusters that ripen sweeter than supermarket fruit.
  • Rajapuri Banana Tree
    Rajapuri banana trees are vigorous plants that grow up to 12 feet tall by September from their huge bulb. The bananas are sweeter than grocery store bananas, and are about two-thirds their size.
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