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Blueberry bushes are recommended for growing in most areas of the United States and are very cold hardy, growing as far north as Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.  Best Price Plants experts are happy to recommend the best blueberry bushes for you to plant in your area.  Yields of blueberry plants have been improved by researchers to produce several gallons of blueberries from a single plant.  These delicious berries are healthy to eat, being full of anti-oxidants that will fight heart problems, and the onset of cancer.  Blueberry planting procedures are very important to follow, and acidic soils can be the key to growing large yields.  Just plant blueberry bushes in a mixture of one-half peat moss and one-half sand, and you will know that you have discovered the secret of producing heavy crops of berries.

  • Briteblue Blueberry Bush
    If you're looking for a medium to large sized blueberry with a sweet tasting center the Briteblue Blueberry is perfect you. Call or place an order online to get any size bearing Briteblue Blueberry for your backyard garden.
  • Southland Blueberry Plants
    It can sometimes be confusing when trying to decide which variety of blueberry that you should plant in your yard. Well don't fret another second, because the experts at Aaron's Farm are here for that reason. Let us recommend some varieties for you.
  • Tifblue Blueberry Bushes
    One of our favorite varieties here at Aaron's Farm is a Rabbiteye Highbush variety called a Tifblue. It always puts off a huge yield of large sized blueberries.

Something great for families that want something that will easily produce and provide a fun memorable time is Blueberry plants. Here at Aaron's Farm we have multiple varieties, and they all produce the first year! Contact us today to find out about our low prices and watch our free planting videos for even more information on the care of these plants.

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