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Camellia plants are evergreen plants that are grown mainly as flowering shrubs, but after many years Camellia shrubs can grow into small trees that begin to flower during the fall and continue blooming  through the spring in a variety of different colors, mostly red, pink, pastels,white and many bicolor combinations.  The Sassanqua Camellia plants begin to bloom  first in the fall, and the leaves are often boiled in water to make a delicious tea that is popular to drink with meals in the Orient.  Camellias grow best in some shade, and the leaves are especially lush and vigorous when grown beneath pine trees in an acidic soil.  A Camellia bush can grow about one foot each year, and flowering begins at an early age.  Call Best Price Plants for expert advice about how to grow Camellias in your area, and you can expect to receive a fast shipment from UPS at all seasons during the year.
  • Azalea Plants

    Azalea plants are among the first flowering bushes to bloom in the early spring.  Best Price Plants azalea experts can tell you which azaleas will grow best and are best adapted to flourish in your garden area.  Azalea plants are evergreen plants, and these bushes will grow best in acidic soils and must be protected from direct sunlight which can kill them after an extended exposure.  Planting azalea bushes under shady trees is best for abundant flowering, and even pine trees form excellent growing areas for azaleas or oak trees.  Many thousands of azalea plant cultivars have been bred by experts and by hobby gardeners, and Formosa azaleas seem to be the most popular and spectacular flowering varieties in the spring.  Azaleas flower in many colors, red, pink, purple, variegated white and bicolor.

  • Peppermint Camellia Tree
  • Wedding Dance Camellia sasanqua
  • Virgin Blush Camellia
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