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Our highest mission is to provide every gardener with the largest selection of the highest quality of plants, trees, and flower bulbs at the best price that will satisfy every customer with every item in his or her order for the best pruning – if necessary – for the re-leafing of the dormant plant or bulb after planting. We offer several sizes of most plants to purchase, some larger bushes, plants and trees frequently give you berries, fruits or nuts the first year of planting.

We offer many Flower Bulbs that will flower earlier for you, the first year of planting. We offer 'Mother Amaryllis Bulbs' that were directly imported from the Dutch growers that have been received by us in Georgia from the Netherlands in Dec. 10, 2016, that are 42 to 44 cm. - Grapefruit Size – that are guaranteed to produce several flower stalks several weeks after planting with gigantic flowers on successive flowering scapes. We also have smaller amaryllis bulbs that are priced much lower that are guaranteed to flower beautifully several weeks after flowering.

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It’s Planting Time!

In Northern States like New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan, the fall dormant season for planting trees and bushes is best done first in the fall – depending – on the USDA Climate Zone Map that is posted on our website. But after snow and ice begins melting, the best planting time is in the Northern States, including Ohio, Illinois and Indiana is best done in the Spring, depending on your expected thawing season for each States' Cold Zone.

In most Southern States, when snow and ice-free, the best time for planting is during the “First 12 days after CHRISTMAS Day, starting Dec. 26, 2016 and extending into January, February and sometimes extending into March – Depending on your Dormant Sprouting Season, varying on the End of Dormancy in each States' Cold Zone. For Florida, Southern Texas and Louisiana, it is critical to plant your fruit trees, nut trees and berry bushes before the plants enter Sprouting Season for the Best Results.

Shipping Information!

We maintain trees, plants and bulbs in coolers at our local warehouse – not to be shipped by other suppliers for us – as some other National Mail Order Nurseries DO. We can extend most plant dormancy, except evergreens, through April and part of May, so you must order as early as possible to insure that you will not be disappointed, when we are sold out of many items. AND - Because when it is too late to plant - we will not send you sprouted out plants,from suppliers from other States, except for evergreen plants and trees. Our next planting season begins in 2017- 2018. WE only ship plants from our single location in GEORGIA. We do not trust other online nursery suppliers from other locations to ship our plants. WE SHIP OUR bulbs, trees, and berry PLANTS directly THROUGH UPS and the US POSTAL SERVICE directly to YOU.

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