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Magnolia grandiflora trees are evergreen trees that are very cold hardy, withstanding in the North, below zero degrees F. temperatures and begin flowering in May with a bloom climax in June.  Repeated flowering can occur intermittently throughout the fall.  The giant white flowers are fragrant and grow to the size of a dinner plate and are an unmistakable part of the landscape in the Southern US.  The leaves are a waxy green on top and can grow a foot long, and some cultivars can have an attractive chocolate-brown underside contrasting color.  A dwarf form of the Magnolia grandiflora tree is called the, “Little Gem”, in which the leaves are about one-half the regular size, and the fragrant white flowers also are about one-half the normal size, but the little gem magnolia tree can begin flowering when only 3 to 4 feet tall, much earlier than the Grandiflora Magnolia tree.  You can order your magnolia trees for Best Price Plants and get prompt delivery by UPS delivered to your house anytime during the year.

  • Little Gem Magnolia
    From USDA Zones 7-10 you can find the Magnolia grandiflora (Little Gem) growing, thriving, and producing those beautiful white flowers. We can ship these trees to your doorstep today!
  • Evergreen Magnolia Tree
    If you've got the perfect planting spot then don't waste any more time and add an Evergreen Magnolia Tree to your home landscape! We carry them all sizes, from 1-8 feet, and prices are based on size so be sure to call us today to find out which would be best for you!
  • Southern Magnolia Trees
    Magnolia grandiflora, Southern Magnolia, is of one of the most beautiful trees found in the southeast United States. They grow from USDA Zone 5-10, and although they survive fairly colder temperatures they're still more commonly seen growing in the south.

Almost everyone in the United States has witnessed the magnificent beauty of the Evergreen Magnolia Trees. They're found growing from USDA Zone 5 to Zone 10. The beautiful white flowers that they produce make them an American favorite, and Aaron's Farm has them on sale at low prices.

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