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The Flowering Apricot tree blooms very early in the spring, and sometimes in the South can bloom in January or February, if the warmup of the “Indian Summer” surprises the trees.  The apricot flowers can vary in color from pink, red or white, depending on which selection of the flowering apricot tree cultivar that is chosen.  Most of the twigs of the branches will be completely encircled with fluffy flowers once the flowering begins, and repeated flowering can occur several times, if damaging frosts happen, lessening in intensity after each subsequent occurrence..  The flowering apricot tree can bloom with single or double flowers depending on which cultivar has been chosen.
  • Peggy Clarke Flowering Apricot Tree
    Surviving extremely cold temperatures of down to -20 degrees F, the Peggy Clark Japanese Flowering Apricot would be an excellent filler to a plain landscape. Brighten up your yard by calling Aaron's Farm and placing an order today!

Most home gardeners don't realize that our flowering fruit trees don't actually fruit, but they produce the most beautiful flowers. The Flowering Apricot Trees for example produce the most beautiful pink flowers and grow from USDA Zones 4-9 so they will most likely grow in your area. Be sure to contact Aaron's Farm today so we can ship a Flowering Apricot to you this planting season!

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