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Best Price Plants specializes in growing flower bulbs that can bloom for you anytime during the year, whether the bulbs are planted in your yard or in a container.  Agapanthus bulbs (Lily of the Nile) are easy to grow and flower, if they are planted in a moist soil mixture, and agapanthus bulbs can bloom in colors of white, but most commonly they bloom  in colors of blue or purple.  Amaryllis bulbs can bloom in a multitude  and assortment of flowering colors: red, pink, white, but also in variegated forms, orange and yellow.  The Dutch  amaryllis are hybrids and the individual flowers can grow as large as a dinner plate, either as a single or double flower.  The amaryllis bulbs can be forced to bloom at any time during the year, but most commonly they are flowered at Christmas in containers, but in the spring amaryllis are commonly planted in beds for blooming outside in gardens.  Clivia bulbs are spectacular flowering evergreen  plants, usually blooming most commonly in orange, but many new cultivars flower in other colors, some even with striped variegated leaves.  Crinum bulb lilies are a specialty of Best Price Plants, and  Crinums can grow into enormous bulbs, some cultivar hybrids weighing up to 25 pounds, producing multiple stalks with 20 or more flowers per stalk in a variety of colors of burgundy, red, white and pink.  Lycoris bulbs are sometimes called spider lilies and mainly come from South America and bloom in the fall.  The colors can be red, yellow pink or even rarely, white.
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