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Flowering Peach trees bloom very early in the spring, normally right after apricots, and the flowers of red, white and pink are the most common colors, but the peppermint flowering peach tree is probably unique among all types of flowering trees.  The peppermint flowering peaches are unpredictable in coloration, sometimes having completely separate colors of red or pink on the tree, but the most common branches have individual flowers of white petal backgrounds with varying striped widths of red and pink.  The most common color of flowering peach tree is the pink, and the most uncommon is white, which many observers at a distance will confuse with flowering pear.

  • White Flowering Peach Tree
    A great variety of Flowering Peach that adds character to any landscape is the White Flowering Peach. With the same beautiful peach tree appearance, the white blooms give it a whole new image as it brightens up even the dullest backyard garden. Bring your landscape to life!
  • Red Flowering Peach Tree
    Aaron's Farm has one of the most vibrant Red Flowering Peach Trees that you could possibly imagine. It survives temperatures as low as -5 degrees F and can be seen blooming in the very early spring. If you place an order with us today, you can expect these beautiful trees to bloom in your backyard garden next season!
  • Peppermint Flowering Peach Tree
    By far the most beautiful Flowering Peach Tree is the Peppermint Flowering Peach. White blooms with bright pink colored markings on the flowers gives it an almost unimaginable appearance. That beauty will make onlookers literally gasp. Order yours today and astonish your family and friends!

Flowering Peach Trees are beautiful plants that range from red, pink, to white, and are a wonderful addition to any backyard garden. The bloom on a Peppermint Flowering Peach has to be one of the most unique and splendid blossoms that can be grown in the United States. Our Flowering Peach Trees grow from USDA Zones 6-9, and that covers the majority of the southern portion of the country. Aaron's Farm has competitive discounted prices on these magnificent trees.

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