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The Flowering Pear tree blooms in white during the very early spring and is recommended as being very cold hardy to grow in almost every State of the U.S.  The flowers appear overnight covering each branch and twig, up and down, forming rapidly in large clusters to completely encircle all the leafless twigs with repeating and alternating white globes of fluff, assuring a future of fragrant resonant spring memories.  The most desirable flowering pear tree canopy shape is a teardrop form, because excessive limb breakage can be avoided, and the life of the flowering pear tree is greatly extended.  Decades ago the Bradford flowering pear tree was the most important original cultivar planted, because of its desirable globe canopy form, but that flowering Bradford pear tree cultivar has been largely discontinued by most nurseries, because the branches usually grew parallel to the ground, and the branch unions at the tree trunk were weakened, and that caused cracking which opened up easy entrances for rot and insects.  Those openings eventually led to the death of the flowering trees.  The new flowering pear tree cultivar named, “Cleveland” is an excellent shaped tree with spectacular blooms that has proven to avoid all the extensive limb breakage problems of the old obsolete flowering pear varieties.

  • Bradford Pear Tree
    The beautiful white bloom of the Bradford Pear is a clear sign that spring has come. Plant one of these beautiful trees in your yard to indicate the coming of the warmer seasons. Ask about our all time low prices and fast UPS Shipping.
  • Cleveland Select Flowering Pear
    The Cleveland Select Pear is possibly just as popular as the Bradford Pear and equally as beautiful. It can be found growing as far north as Connecticut and as far south as Florida. If you contact us now we can send you your very own Cleveland Select Pear Tree.

One of the most popular domestic landscape trees is a Flowering Pear Tree. Their beauty is in their absolutely breath-taking blooms seen best in the early spring. The Bradford and Cleveland Select Pear are among two of the best trees for bringing to life any home landscape appearance. They both grow from USDA Zones 5-10 and will make a great addition to your yard. Please call us today so we can ship your own Flowering Pear immediately!

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