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Flowering plum trees are very early blooming spring trees, usually being covered with white flowers from the tallest point of the tree to the base of the trunk.  The fluffy white flowers encircle the twigs and the branches, covering the bark completely and transforming the landscape into a springtime fantasy.  You can buy your flowering plum trees from Best Price Plants during the dormant season, and your order will be promptly directly shipped to your front door.

  • Pink Flowering Plum Tree
    If you're considering planting a flowering tree in your backyard garden, don't overlook the Pink Flowering Plum. It can liven up any landscape, while it also provides a pleasant fragrance for all passerby's to enjoy. Place an order for your very own Pink Flowering Plum Tree.

A great cold hardy flowering tree would have to be the Flowering Plum Tree. You can find them growing anywhere from USDA Zone 4 all the way south to Zone 10. They come in different colors so this can widen your potential and brighten up even the dullest landscape. We take great pride in serving the community with the healthiest and best formed trees, so the upcoming growing seasons will be filled with joy and beauty. Please call us today with any questions and concerns; don't forget to place an order so you'll have a remarkable landscape for all to enjoy.

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