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Best Price Plants is stocked with spectacular flowering trees that will provide color in the Spring, Summer and Fall, and even a few flowering trees such as:  the Japanese Saucer Magnolia trees and Camellia that will flower in the winter months in the South.  Call the experts at Best Price Plants for the best advice on which month you would like to experience and enjoy flowering trees planted in your garden.
  • Pink Dogwood
    You should really consider adding the stunning beauty of a crape myrtle tree included to your backyard garden. We have them in every color from red, white, purple, and pink. Call us today and let us know which variety you would like in your landscape.
  • Japanese Magnolia Tree
    Japanese Magnolia's are among the favorite backyard landscape trees for many home gardener's around the world. We have three different varieties so decide which variety is best for you!
  • Redbud Trees
    If you'd like a beautiful tree with rounded, heart shaped leaves and pinkish-red flowers in the early spring, a Redbud Tree would be perfect for you. We have them ranging from 1 ft. to 9 ft. tall and our prices vary and are on sale, so be sure to contact us today!

Every landscape could use a vibrant addition of color and beauty. Any one of the flowering trees we carry here at Aaron's Farm would add a welcoming feeling to any home garden. We offer crape myrtle, flowering dogwood, redbud, and man other different varieties of flowering fruit trees. Contact one of our experts today to find out which flowering tree would work best in your landscape.

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