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Grape vines are ancient fruits that were successfully cultivated by most primitive civilizations.  Grapes today are considered to fall into two types, Wine Grapes and Table Grapes.  The Wine grapes have high sugar content and are smaller with a thicker skin that contains the aromatic qualities that are important in giving the wine its flavor and aroma.  Table Grapes have a thin skin, a delicious flavor and are preferred for fresh eating and juice, these desert grapes mostly being seedless, and the seed grapes are used for grape juice marketing.   Best Price Plants grape and wine experts can suggest the best grape vine cultivars that will grow in your area and produce wonderful clusters of tasty grapes for fresh eating, juicing or wine making.

Whether you want to make jam, jelly, wine, or eat them fresh from the vine, grapes make a great addition to any backyard garden. We have what it takes to fill the needs of any grape grower. Bunch, Muscadine, Scuppernong, and Wine Grape Vines are at all time low prices and at your disposal. We're prepared to ship them to your front door this season so call us now!

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