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There are many types of Japanese flowering cherry trees,but the most famous and popular trees to plant are the “Kwanzan” and the “Yoshino” cultivars which became famous names when they were planted in Washington, DC., over a century ago around the nation's monuments.  These flowering cherry trees begin flowering early in the spring, and the Yoshino flowering cherry trees form white single blooms, while the Kwanzan flowering cherry tree bloom is a soft pink, double layered stacks of flowers.  The naked dormant winter twigs become transformed in the spring by the spectacular encircled branches that burst into sudden flowering overnight.  You can order your Japanese flowering cherry tree from Best Price Plants and you can expect rapid shipment from UPS that will be sent directly to your front door.

  • Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree
    With a beautiful white blossom, the Yoshino Flowering Cherry is one of our most popular varieties among growers from USDA Zones 5-10. We have free instructional planting videos and our experts have very helpful information for the hopeful tree grower.
  • Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree
    If you've ever seen a Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree, then chances are you have probably decided to plant your very own. Aaron's Farm offers a great sale on these trees so call us today and ask about our low prices.

If you've ever had a chance to visit Branch Brooke Park in Newark, New Jersey, then you've probably witnessed first hand the oldest country park in the United States, which is also home to the nation's largest collection of Flowering Cherry trees. In 1912 Japan gave the United States over 3,000 Flowering Cherry Trees to celebrate our then-growing relationship. These trees have much history and hold great symbolism throughout the world. Not to mention they are some of the most beautiful trees found popular in countries including not only the U.S. but United Kingdom, Turkey, and Brazil to name a few. We have these wonderful trees on sale at all time low prices. Place your order for a tree that will lead you into a world of beauty and culture!

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