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Japanese Magnolia flowering shrubs and trees are often  unpredictable in nature and the earliest tree to flower, sometimes in December, and then in January or any other of the following months advancing through April - during periods of unexpected warmups, called “Indian Summers.”  One of the most popular flowering magnolias is the, Saucer Magnolia that begin flowering as a small shrub and after many years can grow into a large tree that is covered with either pink or white flowers the size of a saucer (plate).  The fragrant pink flowers of these flowering magnolia trees are seen everywhere in the South, but they are also cold hardy to below zero temperatures in the North but are seen much more infrequently.  The white and red-coloredm flowering Japanese magnolia trees are less commonly seen  than the pink saucer magnolias, and the rare yellow flowering magnolia trees is spectacular but is very rarely seen outside the State of Georgia, and it are very slow growing, but the yellow flowering magnolia is quick to bloom at a small age.

Here at Aaron's Farm we have both Asian and Native Flowering Magnolia Trees. The Native varieties provide that creamy-white bloom, while the Asian tend to have pink or purple markings on the bloom. The scent from the magnolia's are considered to be a bit lemon-like and very fragrant. You can count on seeing the Native varieties bloom in late Winter and early Summer. Early Spring is when you can expect to see the beautiful multicolored Asian Flowering, Magnolia's Bloom. Place your order so we can ship your Flowering Magnolia Trees to your doorstep today!

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