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Many species of maple trees are native trees to the United States, and the Red Maple Tree is perhaps the most popular shade tree to plant, because of the fast-growing nature and the dramatic red color change of the leaves during the fall.  The silver maple tree is an excellent shade tree for landscapes and for planting near homes to save money on the high cost of electricity.  The silver maples tree leaves change into brilliant yellow colors during the first frost, and when they re-grow in the spring, the leaves are medium-green in color.  The sugar maple tree is a very significant shade tree in the Northern States, and the sugar maple sap is highly impregnated with a concentrate of soluble sugars with a high commercial value.  Red Japanese maple trees are very important ornamental trees with bright colored, unique leaf forms in a kaleidoscope of colors.  The dwarf Japanese maples also grow into strange and contorted forms that are valuable to plant in banzai gardens and banzai containers.

Fantasy Maple Tree Fantasy Maple Tree

USDA Zones 3-9

Red Maple Tree Red Maple Tree

USDA Zones 3-9

Silver Maple Tree Silver Maple Tree

USDA Zones 3-9

  • Japanese Red Leaf Maple Tree
    Japanese Red Leaf Maple The Japanese Red Leaf Maple trees are great to grow as colorful landscape plants or to grow in containers, especially for growing in bonzai gardens.
  • Bloodgood Maple Tree
    Bloodgood Maple The Bloodgood Maple trees have deep reddish-purple leaves that appear extremely colorful during the entire growing season.
  • Southern Sugar Maple Tree
    Southern Sugar Maple The Southern Sugar Maple contains a sweet sap that can be changed into sugar, and the leaves change into many bright colors during the fall frost season.

Due to the fact there are hundreds of varieties of maples, any tree grower should be able to find a maple that meets their every expectation. The tree species themselves range from growing a maximum of 30 feet tall to over 140 feet. If you contact Aaron's Farm today our experts will be able to provide you with professional information on domestic landscaping including maple trees. Our prices are at all time lows.

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