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The Medlar tree, Mespilus germanica, is an unusual fruit tree that is perhaps, the most cold hardy fruit tree that is grown in the United States, and the tree requires such low chill values that it can even be grown in Florida, Louisiana and Texas.  The fruit when ripening is completed in the fall is brown to tan, depending on the cultivar, and the medlars remain on the tree undamaged in the winter cold in the  Southern States.  The fruit must be bletted 'extended ripening' like the wild persimmons that likewise contain large amounts of tannins that will make the fruit taste bitter, unless it is processed thoroughly by being bletted.  The trees are grafted to a dwarfing rootstock,  and the Medlar tree often will flower with fragrant blossoms, and fruiting is not unusual during the first year of planting.  These trees grow as native trees in Bulgaria and Turkey, where they are abundantly distributed.

  • Medlar Fruit Trees
    Watch one of our many free videos so you can see the actual beauty of the amazing Medlar fruit that grows on the Medlar Trees every year at Aaron's Farm. Contact us if you have any questions about pollination, mature size, or even the flavor the fruit itself.
  • Royal Medlar
    Most wouldn't think upstate New York would have such a wide variety of fruit to grow but indeed they do. The Royal Medlar Tree is perfect for the climate in upstate New York and we ship these trees that far north every year. These trees are perfect for hunters and winter lovers alike due to the fact they ripen and are eaten in the winter.
  • Medlar Tree
    Plant your Medlar Tree in full sun and watch it ripen in the winter. Once a frost has set in you will begin to see the outer layer of skin begin to shrivel and this is when the fruit is at its prime to be eaten.
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