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Mulberry trees have become an important link in the American fruit tree culture.  Basically, there are three types of mulberry tree cultivars, and all three kinds are based on the fruit color of the mulberry, black, red or white.  The early American colonists brought mulberry trees from Europe to grow that fed the silkworms in the profitable silk tree industry.  The mulberry trees were found to be free producers of berries that were used to feed and fatten hogs, chickens and cattle.  The berries contain high concentrations of anthocyanin, a chemical that is an important dye pigment that permanently colors cloth in colors of red, orange and purple.  Red mulberry trees, Morus rubra L. and black mulberry trees, Morus nigra L. are robustly flavored with a tantalizing mixture of lemony, sweet and fiery, tingling enjoyment that is rarely or never encountered from eating most other berries or fruits.  Considering  white mulberry trees, Morus alba L. on the other hand, the flavor is agreeable but blander with a tang or raisiny taste.  There is a warning issued to not eat white mulberries in the green stage before ripening into the white color, that has in certain cases caused a person to experience hallucinations.

  • Whitey White Mulberry Tree
    The Whitey White mulberry trees bear mulberries that are pure white in color, and these tasty mulberries ripen in April or May and contain such excessive sugar that they can be dried like prunes to eat and enjoy later.
  • Mystic Red Mulberry Tree
    The Mystic Red mulberries ripen early in April and have a pleasing balanced flavor of sharp and sweet. The ripened delicious berries when picked directly from the tree grow in clusters of 3 to 5 mulberries that are 2 inches long and bright red in color.
  • Persian Mulberry Trees
    The Persian mulberry trees were imported from Iran, formerly known as Persia and were taken from the fruit gardens of the Shah of Iran. The purple-black berries are sweetish and syrupy when completely ripe with a wonderful fragrance.
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