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Nuts are rich in nutrients and the kernel or edible portion of the nut is surrounded by a hard shell that weather proofs it for long periods of time.  The kernels are full of oils that are high in proteins and anti-oxidants that fight cancer and heart disease.  Nut trees usually bear heavy crops of nuts after the tree grows to maturity, and the grocery store price is usually higher than most other fruits and berries.  Best Price Plants experts can advise you on which nut tree will grow best in your garden or orchard.  Black Walnut trees and Chestnut trees are very cold hardy and can be grown in almost any area of the United States.
  • Papershell Pecan Trees
    Aaron's Nursery specializes in easy-to-shell pecan trees, some pecans having a shell so thin that the nuts can be cracked as easily as a peanut, and the crunchy kernels are distinctly flavored like no other nuts.
  • Elliot Pecan Tree
    The Elliot pecan tree originated in Florida as an excellent choice pecan cultivar that is medium in size with a very thin shell. The sweet flavored kernel is rich in oil and the zesty flavor is most tempting when the kernels are roasted with their toasty aroma and taste. The Elliot pecan nuts ripen in September, as the earliest maturing papershell variety.
  • English Walnut Trees
    The English Walnut unshelled nut is one of the best known nut crops appearing at grocery markets, fresh off the trees, just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. The nuts are easy to crack, and the kernels are crunchy and nutritious.
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