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A palm tree is generally considered to be tropical looking, but some palms are also very cold hardy, such as the Needle palm tree and the Windmill palm tree that can also survive the frigid winters of New York, Pennsylvania and Indiana.  Palm trees are popular for use near a patio or a swimming pool for that tropical look with no leaf-drop mess.  Call the experts on planting palm trees at Best Price Plants for the best advice on which palm tree is best to plant at your home.
  • Cold Hardy Windmill Palm Trees
    A cold hardy palm tree that will grow as far north as New York is the Windmill Palm Tree. Like most palm trees, if you wrap and insulate it in the winter, it can withstand even colder temperatures. Call Aaron's Farm to place an order for your very own Windmill Palm today!
  • Needle Palm
    One of the more interesting cold hardy palms would have to be the Needle Palm. The dark brown needles create an amazing spiny appearance. To get more information, and to place an order, call Aaron's Farm today!
  • Butia Pindo Palm Tree
    Another beautiful cold hardy palm that grows from USDA Zones 7-11 has been recorded to have survived temperatures as low as 5 degrees F. They typically grow around 15 feet tall with 1.5 foot trunks. For more information on these magnificent palms, contact us now!

Does your landscape include the tropical look brought only by Palm Trees? If not contact Aaron's Farm today, we have some of the lowest prices online for the highest quality trees. We have Palm Trees that grow from as far north as New York to as far south as Florida. Be sure to view one of our free online instructional planting videos and let us know what you think of them. Place your Palm Tree order today!

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