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Pine Trees have been used extensively as shade trees for centuries, and since they are evergreens, pines normally grow during all the seasons, and they survive below zero temperatures during very cold winters, since they are so cold hardy.  The turpentine sap that is contained in the evergreen leaves (pine needles), along with  other chemical compounds that act like an anti-freeze within the pine needles, a cold resistance that is also contained and translated within the bark, twigs and the tree trunk.  The pine needles can persist on the branches during all seasons but shed intermittently each year that is followed by a vigorous surge of new growing needles, usually that are formed in the spring with  a growth flush that is very dramatic, sometimes growing several feet in length in a very short time during the spring.  The longleaf pine tree is perhaps the most famous category of the many species of pine trees.  The long leaf pines have been extensively harvested in building most of the houses in the Southern U.S., and the longleaf pines are very long lived and grow into huge trees.  The slash pine tree is also a very good source of lumber and for making straight poles for mounting signs and utility light poles.  Loblolly pine trees are very fast growing pines and are often used for lumber, landscape use and for privacy fences.  You can order your pines trees in many sizes from Best Price Plants  at any time during the year to be delivered promptly to your home or farm by UPS.

Loblolly Pine Tree Loblolly Pine Tree

USDA Zones 2-9

Longleaf Pine Tree Longleaf Pine Tree

USDA Zones 2-9

Slash Pine Tree Slash Pine Tree

USDA Zones 2-9

  • Slash Pine Tree
    One of the most popular pines used as an effective shade tree is the Slash Pine Tree. They Grow from USDA Zones 2-9, place your order before it's too late!
  • Longleaf Pine Tree
    The Longleaf Pine Tree is considered the legendary, southern yellow pine of forest history. It covers over 40 million acres of the southeastern United States.
  • Loblolly Pine Tree
    Growing to a mature height of up to 80 feet, the Loblolly Pine Tree is a great selection for shade. It's used as a screen, highly drought tolerant, and not to mention an evergreen, so you'll continue to see the dark green foliage year around.

A great evergreen shade tree we offer at Aaron's Farm may be one of the most common. Pine Trees are considered to be a bit different than any other kind of tree, because they bear uncovered seeds. Their leaves are also called needles, and when they do fall from the trees the pine straw is then harvested and used for many different things. Their wood is used in lumber, and they're found growing from USDA Zones 2-9.

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