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Pomegranate trees, Punica granatum, are ancient fruits that today have been hybridized into cultivars that are very cold tolerant, and the pomegranate fruits grow to the size of a large grapefruit (Russian Pomegranate).  Much attention has been given to the pomegranate juice and its high content of anti-oxidants that are thought to have abundant health benefits, because of the presence of 'free radicals' that fight diseases.  The pomegranates contain high concentrations of sugar and the flavors can vary from sweet to sour.  The color of the pomegranate skin is variable and can range from green, white or red, with intermediate pinkish colors.  Inside the pomegranate rind are many tiny compartments called arils that are juicy with an edible soft seed.  In Europe the pomegranate grows into tall trees, but in the United States growers prefer to prune the tops to form a leafy bush, full of thick branches, that are highly productive of pomegranates.  The exotic shape of the pomegranate fruit is curious to shoppers  in supermarkets grocery shelves that sets it apart from any other commercial fruit shape.  The pomegranate fruit ripens during the fall, and the plants grow on almost any type of soil profile, but the trees grow better in dry environments.

  • Moses Pomegranate Tree
    The Moses Pomegranate Tree will grow and produce in USDA Zones 8-10 and is completely self-fertile. Purchase one at a low price today from Aaron's Farm.
  • Goliath Pomegranate
    If you're interested in growing one of the largest varieties of pomegranate in your backyard garden today, look no further. Aaron's Farm carries the Goliath Pomegranate, low-priced, and its self fertile so that a one tree purchase is guaranteed to bring you fruit.
  • Wonderful Pomegranate Trees
    The most well known pomegranate that Aaron's Farm has to offer is the Wonderful Pomegranate. It only requires 150-200 hours of chilling time and ripens in September.
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