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Quince trees, Cydonia oblonga, are small trees that are uncommonly grown or seen in the United States, except in California, where most of the commercial quinces are grown for the fall supermarket sales.  The Quince tree begins flowering early in the spring with small, pink fragrant flowers that mature into fruits during the early fall months.  The quince tree cultivars are mostly pear shaped, however,, others are round, and others have contorted, random shapes that are too weird and nonconforming to sell in grocery stores.  The quince fruit ripens into a bright yellow color in the early fall, but the fruit is hard, and the skin is covered with a white fuzz, like in peaches, that falls off when the fruit is harvested for sale.  Since the fruit is hard, it should be bletted, like Japanese Persimmons and Medlar fruits before eating.  The quince fruit is wonderfully aromatic with a pleasant fruity fragrance that will remain potent for weeks after the fruit is picked.

  • Jumbo Quince Tree
    A great variety for any home grower is a Jumbo Quince. It has a yellowish green skin, it's pear shaped, and great for cooking, candies, and jelly.
  • Orange Quince
    A medium sized variety: a magnificent golden color is the Orange Quince. Ripens in September and is another variety that is great for cooking and making jelly.
  • Pineapple Quince Trees
    One of our favorite Quince Trees here at Aaron's Farm is the Pineapple Quince Tree. It's a large fruit with a golden yellow skin, and it will make an excellent small fruit tree in your backyard orchard.
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