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Shade trees are important for keeping your yard and house cool during the heat of summer, and a shade tree also cuts your air conditioning cost to save you money on utility bills.  Some shade trees such as the weeping willow tree grows very fast, and are important to establish fast shade, growing up to 6 feet in a year.  The tulip poplar tree is not only fast growing but in the summer is covered with fragrant, yellow flowers the size of a tulip.  Call the experts at Best Price Plants and let us advise you on which shade trees will grow best and give you with more shade for your yard and home area.
  • Weeping Willow
    A tree that can literally be found growing anywhere in the United States that looks great with any landscape is the Weeping Willow. Order and provide your home with some Summer shade.
  • Ginkgo biloba Tree
    Hardy through USDA Zones 4-9, the Ginkgo tree would be a great addition to any domestic landscape. It can thrive in clay, loam, acidic and alkaline soils. The Ginkgo tree makes a great shade tree and is commonly used in herbal supplements.
  • River Birch Trees
    Obviously the River Birch got its name by naturally thriving near bodies of water. It is also an amazing ornamental tree that displays a rippling effect when wind passes the leaves.

If you're tired of watching your cost of energy use go up in the Summer, cut those costs by planting your very own shade tree. Not only will it enhance the overall appeal of your landscape, but it will dramatically and naturally cool your home. We've got everything from cypress, elm, and even weeping willow with plenty in stock. Stop paying those high electricity bills and call us to place your shade tree order today!

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