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Walnut trees are very cold hardy trees and the black walnut wood is valuable for making expensive furniture.  The English walnut tree originated in Persia (Iran) and the nuts are often called, 'Persian' walnuts, but in the U S, the nuts are generally called, 'English Walnuts' when they are marketed in grocery markets for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday trade.  Walnuts are often used a food gifts in the Southern States in a mixed nut bag.

  • Thomas Black Walnut Tree (Grafted)
    The Thomas Black Walnut trees are grafted trees that begin bearing walnuts at an earlier age, sometimes, when the trees are only 6 feet tall. The Thomas Black Walnuts grow in large clusters, and the kernels shell out in perfect halves (no small pieces) with a richly flavored nutmeat content.
  • English Walnut Tree (Persian Walnut)
    The English Walnut trees are heavy bearing nut trees at an early age. The English Walnuts have a brittle shell that cracks easily to expose inside, the sweet crunchy kernels with a sweet yummy taste.
  • American Black Walnut Trees
    The native American Black Walnut trees are the most cold hardy nuts that grow in the US, being winter survivable from Wisconsin to Florida. Once the Black Walnut trees are mature, the nuts bear reliable nut crops yearly. The kernels of the nuts are delightful to eat with their oily, richly, distinctive taste.
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