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If you're a fan of home gardening and wine production, then planting one of our Wine Grape varieties would be perfect for you!  Contact Best Price Plants today and find out which Wine Grape variety would grow and produce in your USDA Zone.  We have everything from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Chardonnay, to Zinfandel Wine Grapes.  Don't hesitate any further and call us, so you can plant your very own wine grapes this season!

  • Pinot Chardonnay Wine Grapevine
    Like most of our wine grapes, the Pinot Chardonnay Wine Grape grows best in USDA Zones 6-10. It's an amazing grape that will help produce a wine that has been described as exceptionally rich in flavor and deep in structure.
  • Zinfandel Wine Grape Vine
    The Zinfandel Wine Grape is planted in over 10% of California vineyards, and it is typically a red wine grape. Always remember that the flavor of your wine is going to depend on the ripeness of the grape used to create it.
  • Merlot Wine Grape Vine
    A dark blue colored wine grape that is used as a blending grape and for wines is the Merlot Wine Grape. Merlot is one of the most popular red wine varieties in the entire world. In France, you'll find that they have planted over 2/3 of the entire planets supply of Wine Grape Vines. We can share these wonderful wine grapes with you today!
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