Shipping All deciduous and bare root shipping begins December 15th through April 15th. All evergreen, palm, bamboo, bulb, banana, fig, olive, loquat, etc. will be shipped year round. Shipping information is available on the product pages, if a plant is listed for "Fall Shipping", the plants will be shipped once they have gone dormant for the year. All orders are shipped complete and will not be split shipped, unless special shipping arrangements have been made with Best Price Plants. An order will be held until all products are available to be shipped. All deciduous plants will be pruned prior to shipping, or picking up at Best Price Plants, the pruning is beneficial to the transplanting process and is done by the professionals at Best Price Plants at no added cost. Any deciduous plant that is not pruned 1/3 will not have a 1 year guarantee. The normal shipping costs are 25% of the total cost of the plants being shipped, 15% for postage 10% for packaging and handling. Any order that is refused will be accessed a 10% non-refundable restocking fee.

Shipping Damages Shipments are rarely damaged by our shipping carriers but it does happen, do not refuse any damage package accept delivery and contact Best Price Plants directly. Have your order number, merchandise variety, size, and price ready to get the customer service representative. Best Price Plants will then file a damage package claim with the carrier and immediately ship replacement plants to you.
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